Dato’ Nazipah binti Jamaludin

Dato’ Nazipah binti Jamaludin

Independent Non-Executive Director

Dato' Nazipah binti Jamaludin is the Independent Non-Executive Director of our Company. She was appointed to our Board on 7 July 2022.

Dato' Nazipah binti Jamaludin was the Deputy Director General (Operations) of the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority ("FAMA"), Ministry of Agriculture & Food Industry prior to her retirement in 2019. Her career in the agricultural and food sector spans over 36 years.

Dato' Nazipah binti Jamaludin is a graduate with Bachelor of Sciences in Agribusiness from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now known as Universiti Putra Malaysia) in 1983.

Upon her graduation in 1983, she commenced her career with FAMA as a Marketing Officer under the Cocoa Department, Planning Department, and Market Information Department which she hold such position until 1994.

Subsequently in 1994, she was promoted as a State Director of FAMA Pahang where she hold such position for 10 years. During her tenure as the State Director of FAMA Pahang, she initiated promotion and branding of "Temerloh Bandar Ikan Patin" with Integrated Agricultural Development Project Pahang Barat and Department of Fisheries in Pahang to increase consumption and local demand for fresh water fish as part of marketing and promoting fresh water fish project for Government of Pahang and Ministry of Agriculture.

She also led FAMA Pahang's collaboration with Lembaga Muzium Negeri Pahang in promoting the usage of local fresh produce from farmers via a traditional cookbook project.

From 2004 to 2006, she then was promoted as a Director of Market Promotion (Domestic) and then as a Senior Director of International Promotion from 2006 to 2018. During her 14 years under these positions held, she led strategic planning and execution of domestic and overseas market promotion programmes for horticulture sector and small medium enterprise food manufacturers with the objective to create awareness, introduce and widen export market for Malaysian products in Gulf Countries, the PRC, ASEAN Countries, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Australia & The United States. She was also involved in developing and executing pre-export programmes for small medium enterprise food manufacturers or exporters to enhance technical knowledge on logistics, food export procedures and requirements by importing countries.

In 2018, she was then promoted to Deputy Director General (Operations) of FAMA where she holds said position prior to her retirement in 2019.

As at the LPD, she does not hold any directorship in any public listed companies. She does not have any family relationship with any of our Promoters, Directors and/or substantial shareholders.

Dato' Nazipah Binti Jamaluddin does not have any principal business activities performed outside of our Group as at the LPD and the principal directorships in any other corporations outside of our Group for the past 5 years prior to the LPD